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Welcome to Highland High School

Highland High School will empower students to use knowledge, skills, and strategies to become productive members of society who use higher level thinking. The transition from traditional education to facilitated education is the transition from consumers of knowledge to producers of knowledge. Producers of knowledge use many different modalities as they work collaboratively with both teachers and peers to comprehend and synthesize information to answer real world questions.

As students develop their ability to use technology effectively through research, collaboration, networking, and individualized study, they will develop powerful skills that will facilitate the communication and execution of their ideas. In effect, today’s students will become tomorrow’s critical and creative problem solvers that are prepared to shape the future of our world.

School News

12/4/21 - Grade Boost/Saturday School!

Grade Boost is designed to give students an opportunity to prepare for academic success by working on upcoming or missing assignments to help focus their efforts before the semester!  By attending, students also receive credit for up to 4 periods of missed classes or 1 full day of missed classes (Students MUST be present in a classroom for the FULL 4 HOURS for Attendance Credit; Late arrivals, early departures, or wandering at any time will void their ability to receive attendance credit)!

How to attend Grade Boost? 

1) Students speak to their teachers about which assignments they can make up or do for credit/extra credit

2) After speaking to their teachers, they can sign up by CLICKING HERE, the link below, OR by scanning the above QR Code!

3) ATTEND!  It's that easy!  


Link to sign up for Grade Boost/Saturday School:


**Please note that Breakfast will be available prior to pickup to their classes!  It will also be available for the 15 minute break!!

SkillsUSA National Winner

When faced with the social restrictions of the pandemic over the last year, it’s easy to understand why a school would consider putting a program on hold that involves older students mentoring younger students in areas of career exploration. For the SkillsUSA chapter at the Academies of Antelope Valley in Quartz Hill, Calif., however, putting their Student2Student mentoring program on hold wasn’t an option; they just needed to find a new way to make it happen. In doing so, they secured for themselves not just an enriching experience for all involved, but SkillsUSA’s 2021 Student2Student Mentoring Award.

Read more HERE.

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