Antelope Valley School District

Diploma Pick-Up Wed. & Thurs. 6/10 & 6/11


Diploma Pick-Up will take place Wednesday and Thursday, June 10th & 11th from 8 am  - 12 noon!  

Please be aware that the Senior Student MUST be present in order to sign for their diploma.  Parents, Guardians, Family Members, and Friends are not able to pick up diplomas (unless a letter is presented; see below for details).  

If you still owe Books, Chromebooks, Uniforms, or have fees, you can drop them off/pay them in the Attendance Office also at this time.  Please be aware that you will not be able to pick up your diploma unless you have fully checked out.

If you picked up your Diploma Cover during the Senior Celebration Parade, you will not be issued one for Diploma Pick up.


Can't Make These Dates and Times?

If, for whatever reason, the Senior Student is unable to come on these dates and times, you can make an appointment with the Registrar by calling (661) 538-0304 ext. 383 (Most appointments will be on Wednesdays, between 9 am & 10 am out of the Attendance Office)


Need Another Person to Pick Up Your Diploma?

If the senior student is unable to come at any time due to uncontrollable circumstances, another individual (Must be an Immediate Family Member/Relative or Individual Listed on the Student's Emergency Contacts ONLY) is able to pick up the diploma with the following criteria:

A formal letter giving approval for another individual to pick up your diploma and all possible items that may accompany it written to Highland HS that includes the following:

--Full Name of the Individual the Senior Student approves to pick up the items

--Date of the Pick Up (if unable to come June 10th and 11th, please make an appointment date with Ms. Lindstrom and use that date)

--Letter signed and dated by the Senior Student with current phone number

--Attach a copy or picture of the person's ID (Immediate Family Member/Emergency Contact as Listed on PS Only) who is picking up the Diploma and other items

--Attach a copy or picture of the Senior Student's ID (School or other) for verification

Sample Letter:

To Whom It May Concern from Highland High School                                                         Date of Letter

I, (insert Full Name of Senior Student) hereby grant permission for (insert Full Name of relative picking up Diploma) to sign for me and to pick up my Diploma as well as other possible items associated on (insert Date of Pick Up). Attached is a copy of my ID and the ID of the individual picking up my items.



(Senior Student Signature)

Printed Name of Senior Student

Current Phone Number of Senior Student


This Letter and both ID attachments must be placed in the student's file so all 3 documents are required in order to pick up the diploma.  We don't have access to printing or copying services in the parking lot so please bring the printed items with you or we won't be able to accommodate the request.


Map and Route to Pick Up items on 6/10 & 6/11: