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Mathematics as a way of Thinking

It is the philosophy of the Mathematics Department of Highland High School that mathematics is essential to the education of all students and that all students can and must learn mathematics. We in the department feel that it is our responsibility to challenge all students to achieve high standards and to support them in this endeavor. It is therefore our obligation to encourage students at every academic level to recognize high quality work and strive to produce it.

In addition to the acquisition of a body of mathematical knowledge, successful completion of any HHS mathematics course requires the demonstrated ability to:

  • Solve problems,
  • Think critically,
  • Communicate effectively in mathematics
  • Connect mathematics with the real world,
  • Work effectively in groups, and
  • Use technology as a tool.

Although levels will vary from course to course, successful completion of any mathematics course at HHS requires the following:

  • Regular and prompt class attendance,· Consistent and timely completion of daily homework assignments,
  • Maintenance of a notebook or binder
  • Completion of at least one long-term project connecting concepts studied in the classroom to the real world, and
  • Successful performance on performance-based assessment tasks, tests, quizzes, and exams.

“Of all pre-college curricula, the highest level of mathematics one studies in secondary school has the strongest continuing influence on bachelor’s degree completion.”

“Finishing a course beyond the level of Algebra 2 more than doubles the odds that a student who enters post-secondary education will complete a bachelor’s degree program.”

Math Department Grading Policies

Mathematics Flow Chart

description of math department classes



AP Calculus (AB) - AP Calculus (BC) - AP Pre Calculus Joseph Antone
Intro to Prob. & Stats - AP Stats Paulette Arispe
Algebra 1 - Geometry Gloria Barrientos
Algebra 1 - Algebra 2  Claudia Basulto
Algebra 1 - AVC Trig/PreCalc - QRAT - Inst. Partner Mike Bellavia
Algebra for Finance - Alg. 2/Trig Honors - AVID 3 - Inst. Partner Michelle Cannon
Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 Michael Dunner
Algebra 1 Project - Algebra 2 Project - Algebra 2 Chautauqua Grose
AP Calculus (AB) - Geo/Trig - QRAT Christine Miller
Algebra 1 - Geometry Project Melissa Morgan
Geometry - Computer Science Principals Cindy Noriega
Algebra 1 - Algebra 2 Kelly Perez-Pagaza
Algebra 1 - Geometry Matthias Vheru
DEPT. CHAIRS:  Mike Bellavia  & Michelle Cannon
ADMIN:  AP Jennifer Griffey


incoming 9th grade student information

Parents!  Please view the informational slideshow about our Math Department for your incoming 9th grade students!

Math Department Information Presentation