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Independent Study

Independent Study 

IS is a program designed to help students be successful in school during outstanding circumstances.  If you are considering applying to this program, please first consult your counselor as there are certain restrictions and considerations that must be addressed beforehand.  If you have an IEP, please consult both your counselor and your case carrier before applying so they can go over the details as to the requirements.

To submit an application & to print the required forms, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


Counseling Staff 2021 - 2022
10th - 12th                   A; Head Counselor; Resilient Scholar Ms. Makeba Hale
10th - 12th B - Dh; PSA Academy Ms. Tameiko Cockrell
10th - 12th Di - H; Double Up Ms. Lori Fimbres
10th - 12th I - Mop; EL - Foreign Exchange Ms. Angela Robertson
10th - 12th Mor - R; SPED Liaison; Resilient Scholar Ms. Cynthia Mesler
10th - 12th S - Z; AVID Ms. Morgan D'Errico
9th Grade A - K; PBIS, Naviance, NCAA Ms. Megan Powell
9th Grade L - Z; PBIS, Naviance, NCAA Ms. Cassandra Dumas


Independent Study Clerk 

Ms. Wendy Shafer -

To apply for Independent Study

Step 1: download and complete the Independent Study Application (just select 1 of the Red Boxes).

Step 2: Download Both of the Gray Boxes and complete both page 1 and 2 of the Master Agreement.

Step 3: Download 1 of the YELLOW SRIC boxes (either the pdf or word doc) fill it out digitally and save it to upload. (You may also print it and hand write on it if you desire)

Step 4: Fill out the Application Form below and upload all 4 documents with completed signatures.  If you are taking pictures of the documents, please make sure they are clear and without shadow.



AVUHSD Master Agreement 2021-22

AVUHSD Master Agreement Spanish 2021-22




Independent Study Application Form