Highland High School

***Prom will be held on April 27th at L.A. River Center & Gardens.  The prices are: $120.00 with an ASB card and $130.00 without.  Everyone needs a permission form.***

4th Annual AV STEM Expo!

Get ready for STEM 2018!!

Highland’s STEM Expo will be held on March 14th in the small gym after school!

To participate, you must register first!  Click HERE to register! 

Winners from each site will go on to compete at the District STEM Expo to be held at Eastside High School on Saturday, April 7th!

The categories are:

          Scientific Inquiry

          Robotics & Computer Science

          Reverse Engineering

          Science Fiction


          Rube Goldberg

          Environmental/ Agriculture Innovation

For more information, go to http://avstemexpo.com/