Highland High School

School will be CLOSED Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day!  To all our VETERANS, ACTIVE DUTY and RESERVE Military families - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!              **AP Testing:  5/15/18 - 5/31/18**                #HighlandStrong  


You may check for news on the AVC website at https://www.avc.edu/.
The AVC Palmdale location is open!  
Special Admit form is for current high school students (Seniors, DO NOT USE to apply for the Fall 2018 semester as you will be a high school graduate by then)
Assessment Testing
You will need to take the assessment tests very seriously.  Scoring well on your assessments allows you to skip unnecessary classes, saving you time AND money!  
Study, study, study!  Study materials can be found here.    
Assessments at AVC can be done Monday through Friday at the Assessment Center on a walk-in basis, however, you can only walk in during certain hours.  
Foundation Scholarships  You only need to complete one Foundation Scholarship application to be eligible for any of the Foundation Scholarships available at AVC!
Visit our AVC Counselor in the College Center.  See the BRIDGE flyer for details.