Highland High School

School will be CLOSED Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day!  To all our VETERANS, ACTIVE DUTY and RESERVE Military families - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!              **AP Testing:  5/15/18 - 5/31/18**                #HighlandStrong  

$how Me the Money! - Guides to Financial Aid


PARENTS - Check out Financial Aid 101!
It should NEVER cost you anything to apply for FAFSA, Cal Grants, or any other scholarship!  
In order to receive a Cal-Grant, you must meet the criteria and submit your FAFSA OR Dream Act AND Cal-Grant GPA Verification by the March 2nd deadline.

Cal Grant

Create an account at csac.gov after October 1st,  and after you have completed your FAFSA OR Dream Act, to find out what financial aid you will be receiving. 


Deadline is March 2nd annually
Here's a good overview of the FAFSA process