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School will be CLOSED Monday, May 28th in observance of Memorial Day!  To all our VETERANS, ACTIVE DUTY and RESERVE Military families - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!              **AP Testing:  5/15/18 - 5/31/18**                #HighlandStrong  
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United States Military

Dept. of Defense Military Career Info www.militarycareers.com
U.S. Air Force 800-423-USAF www.airforce.com
U.S. Air Force Reserve 800-257-1212 www.afreserve.com
U.S. Air National Guard 800-TO-GO-ANG www.ang.af.mil
U.S. Army 800-USA-ARMY www.goarmy.com
U.S. Army Reserve 800-USA-ARMY www.goarmy.com/usar/
U.S. Army National Guard 800-GO-GUARD www.1800goguard.com
U.S. Coast Guard 877-NOW-USCG www.gocoastguard.com
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve 800-424-8883 www.uscg.mil
U.S. Marine Corps 800-MARINES www.marines.com
U.S. Marine Corps Reserve 800-MARINES www.marines.com
U.S. Navy 800-USA-NAVY www.navyjobs.com
U.S. Navy Reserve 866-NAVRESI www.navalreserve.com