Antelope Valley School District

Clubs and Activities


If you aren't sure where or how you fit in at Highland High School, the following list of clubs just might help you decide. There are so many outstanding opportunities for you to get involved, try something new or showcase your talents. Get more out of high school - join a club (or two or three ...) today! To find out more or to join, stop by and talk to an advisor, listed below: 


Club Name Advisor
A.F.J.R.O.T.C. Conrad Hernandez
A.P. Club Denise Kane
Art Historian Frank Gutierrez-Navas
A.S.B. Wendy Bell
A.V.I.D. Gadomski / Lieber-Linn
Black Student Union Gwen Shim
Bulldog Films Club Pavel Vogler
Bulldog Robotics  Tim Green
C.S.F. Marie Godde
Chemical Club Carolyn Cardellio
Chess Club Sandra Gordon
Class of 2019 Jessica Owen
Class of 2020 Shannon Twitchell
Creasian Club Pavel Vogler
EMS Green / Chacon
F.I.D.M. Fashion Club Frank Gutierrez-Navas
Feminism Club Desi Hamill
Gamer's Steve Harrington
Gay-Straight Alliance  
Girls' Golf Club Jeff Smith
Gold Squad Doug Alexander
HERO Club Lem Galvao
Highland Players Matt McCormick
Key Club Roslyn Gaudin
League of Legends Steve Harrington
Link Crew Jessica Owen
Mock Trial Club Sandra Gordon
Paragon Club Wendy Bell
Pre-Med Club Stephanie Robinson
Skills USA Christy Chacon / Tim Green
Solutions Club John Johnston
Vocalizers John Crocker
Wrestling Club J. Smith/ J. Galaviz
Young and Free Aslani-Vatan/Harper